Classes Available 

The 2021 Show schedule is available to download now.

All show entries close on 8th September so ensure you get your application in now. 


We have a new format this year as we are splitting the Sections ie If you only exhibited Horses over the last few years then you will receive the Horse Section, similarly for the Poultry, Cattle and Sheep or Marquee and others depending on where you send the entry. If you enter different sections you will receive a full schedule. This is to reduce postage charges for the show.

Those who do not receive a schedule there will be separate section schedule on the website once the schedules have been dispatched.

2021 Competitions Include the following:  

Adult Competitions: 

Animal Classes : 

Sheep Classes 

Cattle Classes 

All Classes of Horses including

Retrained Race Horses and Veteran Horses

Donkey Classes

Overall Horse Championship 

Poultry Classes  

Waterfowl Classes 

NEW for 2021 - Goat Classes

Produce, Arts & Crafts:

Hay & Field Produce

Sheeps Fleece

Walking Sticks - Various Designs 



Floral Arrangements 

Cakes & Biscuits 

Special Disaster Baking Class - Entries accepted on the day



Bread & Pastries 

Handy Crafts 

Hand Knitting

Needle Work & Craft 



Childrens Competitions:

Mounted Fancy Dress 

Young Handler 

Riding Club Classes 

Unaffiliated Show Jumping

Poultry Classes 

Prizes of Cash & Cups to be won which will be presented on the day.  

For further information please see the show schedule.

Full Eggleston Show

Schedule 2021

Industrial & Misc Entry

Forms 2021

Horse, Ponies and Donkey

Entry Form 2021

NB: Horse & Pony Exhibitors should have the Equine Flu vaccines. 

Cattle, Sheep

Entry Form 2021

Goat Entry Form


Poultry & Eggs
Entry Form 2021
Site Plan 2021